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Roof Cleaning

Most roof tiles over 10 years old have a build up of moss which can damage
the structure of the roof and tiles as well as look unsightly.

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Why clean & protect your roof?

Your roof is the most important part of your home to maintain, because it’s most exposed to the elements causing wear and tear. Over time your roof will suffer from the effects of rain, frost, and sun which slowly but surely weaken and damage the tiles.

Roof tiles are made of porous materials, which will eventually start to break down and become brittle causing potential leaks in the future. Moss, lichen and algae growing on your roof can look unsightly and will increase wear and deterioration, moss between and under the tiles will expand when frozen causing more movement.

Debris from trees and excessive moss growth can cause problems, blocking gutters which can then lead to overflows, bubbling on paint, sagging gutters to damaged or water stained brickwork.

A clean roof improves the look of your home, adds value and can even make it more appealing to potential buyers.

Our Tried & Tested Process 

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1 - Manual Clean

Manual Clean

Your roof will be professionally cleaned to remove all moss, lichen and algae, by either jet washing or a manual scrape, depending on your requirements and most importantly the roof condition.

2 - Restore


Once the roof is clean, Surrey Roofs carry out any remedial work required to completely restore your roof. This might include replacing damaged tiles with like for like replacements, repointing ridge tiles or repairing chimneys.

3 - Anti-Fungal treatment

Anti-Fungal Treatment 

We then apply an anti-fungal treatment to the entire roof which kills micro roots and lichen which grows into the pores of the tile.

4 - Future Protection

Future Protection 

Once all this is complete, we apply waterproof coating to the entirety of the roof to ensure the roof is protected for many years to come.

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